Bankwus Concentrate

1,100.00 900.00


Bankwus Concentrate

1,100.00 900.00

Bankwus palmnut cream concentrate: a natural, non-preservative palm nut soup (Banga) used in cooking varieties of foods such as; Ofe-Akwu, Sapala, Meya-kwa kwa and others.

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  • Bankwus Palmnut cream concentrate is the first ready-made banga in Nigeria
  • Bankwus is hygiene and NAFDAC certified
  • Bankwus is 100% natural
  • Ingredients consists of palm fruits cream, water and salt. No preservatives or colouring.
  • It has a life shelf of 4 years before opening and 2months after opening, when kept in a neat container and well refrigerated.
  • Bankwus could be used in preparation of different meals such as; Ofe-Akwu, Banga soup and a lot more.
  • Bankwus eliminates the traditional method of pounding and seiving which is strenuous and time consuming.
  • Bankwus comes in two different sizes; 800g and 400g to serve you better.
  • Bankwus is proudly made in Nigeria.
  • Bankwus is produced from the best and freshest palmfruits.

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